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Partho technologies have a strong knowledge base and outstanding track record in helping governments and large organizations effectively build and maintain key business applications,as well as easily adapt to industry best practices. We typically have long term agreements with our clients to support their entire IBM software infrastructure and implementations.

Partho IT Security team enables its client partners help manage growth, simplify complex security policies issues, and solve problems associated with implementing security policies across a wide range of web, application and operating resources.

  • Our TAM (Tivoli Access Manager) services enable companies to define comprehensive security policies and administer security based on those policies. It supports single sign-on for web, Microsoft, telnet, and mainframe application environments.
  • Our ITIM (Tivoli Identity Manger) services enable centralizing the definition of users and provisioning of user services. It enables users to perform many tasks themselves, such as password resets and personal profile changes which can lower help-desk call volume and costs.


  • Application Support& Monitoring – If you are experiencing application performance problems or failures,we can help you to identify and diagnose the source of the problem, and make the appropriate changes to improve the bottleneck. We typically provide long term post implementations support to our clients for their entire IBM software infrastructure and implementations.
  • Application Health Assessments – Have an expert review the “health” of your application.From performance to best practices, we can review your application to identify and solve problem-areas before they turn up, as well as make strategic recommendations that will improve the long-term viability of the application.
  • Standards Compliance – Review the application for compliance with standards such as J2EE, XML, J2C, SOA and Web services. By ensuring your application and IT infrastructure complies with open standards you gain a platform that is open, adaptable and extensible.
  • Deployment Readiness – If you are soon to go into production with an application,this service will verify that the installation that application, as well as related hardware and software, are configured correctly to ensure a smooth production rollout. Additionally our consultants can advise on best practices for an efficient deployment process including tooling recommendations to automate and optimize the build and deployment steps.
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