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Enterprises are on the cusp of a ‘social transformation’. The traditional methods of information sharing are rapidly becoming archaic. There is now an increasing need for real-time collaboration between employees, sales personnel and development teams in order to stay competitive.
A collaboration strategy rooted in a robust and secure social platform can reap benefits for your organization in the form of increased productivity and revenues. Partho Technologies specializes in creation of a social strategy through installing and configuring IBM’s Connections platform.

IBM Connections

IBM connections has a rich feature set that allows users to have a 360 degree view of what is happening within their network and the wider organization. It incorporates Activity streams that show what other colleagues in a user’s network and wider organization are undertaking. Documents and information can be shared seamlessly.Social analytics features show who user is connected to and suggests others that they can/should connect with based on common connections and interests.

Users can create communities based on a common interest or area of work or cross-discipline.Members of a community are able to see activity streams of the community in one view.Events views and response can be viewed in the communities.

Further, content can be shared and distributed within communities making it easy to collaborate on tasks and projects.Ideation and Forums capabilities can be easily surfaced through communities.

Ideation allows users of a group to post ideas on processes, projects etc to gain consensus on the best way to go about it. Forums provide a means to gather feedback from communities.Wikis, Blogs, Social bookmarking, Polls and survey capabilities are other features that come with IBM Connections and can transform how your organization collaborates on tasks, projects, ideas and information.

IBM Connections in the Cloud

An alternative to on-premise social platform is the SaaS (software as a service ) option of the same great features in the cloud. Partho can help you pick the right option for your organization. The cloud alternative let’s your organization easily access all the great features that Connections has to offer without worrying about the hosting hassles.

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