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Partho Technologies has developed a formal training process and curriculum which is derived fromour experience in supporting our past and current IBM implementations. We always provide trainingas a part of our implementation strategy. In our experience this training that comes as a part of the project enables our clients to handle all the Administrative and Authoring tasks related to the development done in the project.

Our training is delivered by experienced IBM Technology Experts who are embedded with the actual design and development team working on the client site. In our experience this depth of understanding of the specific implementation ensures tailored training.
In addition to the training provided as part of the implementation strategy we also provide custom training.


Pre-training Preparatory Session

Prior to the training sessions our first step is to understand to understand the skill levels of the trainees. This ensures the training material and labs match the trainee audience and maximizes the productivity of these highly interactive sessions.This session is preceded by collecting information on the technical skills and relevant work experience of the potential trainee’s through a form. We then spend typically half a day to about one day on the preparatory session. Based on this we prepare training materials and handouts for all the trainees.

Hands on Lab Training

The preparatory session is followed by lab sessions conducted in accordance with the training material – we will have several of our technical experts availableto provide hands-on expertise to the training participants. These sessions are typically in person; however remote session interactive session can also done.

Follow Up Sessions

In our experience initial handholding in the 4-6 weeks following the lab sessions greatly enhance the value of the entire exercise. Typically through remote support sessions we help the trainee groups to review the training material and also to answer to any other related queries. These sessions are held on a weekly or a bi-weekly basis. The number of session depends on the training package initially prepared with the client.

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